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Info Hungrymemo.com
What is Hungrymemo?
HungryMemo is an application designed to create and manage notifications on your Facebook page. Use our form on HungryMemo.com or application on Facebook and forget that you have to remember. If you are using Facebook every day we will certainly remind you of everything you have charged us with. Now create your own notification on Facebook.
Why Hungrymemo?
Have you noticed that every day you are getting more and more things on your mind? Use HungryMemo which is a simple application that is available on the device such as a desktop, a tablet and a smartphone. Your notifications are now available anywhere, anytime. We connect it to Facebook, one of the most popular social networking site, to provide you instant access to yours plans.
How works Hungrymemo?
You only have to log in on the site using data from Facebook and allow our application to connect your account. After logging you will automatically be redirected to a form, that allows you to create a notification that will remind You about something in accordance with the date and time. HungryMemo application identifies your time zone to create a note at the right time. You can view your notifications in My notification tab on our website or in HungryMemo aplication on Facebook.
Safety and Facebook App
HungryMemo on Facebook uses only your ID and NAME profile to view your notification. Our application will not publish or download any additional information from your Facebook wall. The application will only show the notifications that you have set the schedule. You can always delete HungryMemo form the applications list on Facebook in anytime.
Contact with Hungrymemo people
It’s simple! Please send us an email to home@hungrymemo.com or contact us by the social networking profiles. Our application has official profiles on social networking sites such as: facebook, Twitter and Google+. We will inform you on them about any new developments related to our application.
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